Up comming Events 2017

 Hunter Education Courses ... All Students must register on line with the Hunter Education Department

Home Study Course with Field Day...... August 27th.  Instructor: Art Greenbaum                                  Combo Course: April 29 & 30...Sept. 23/24. Instructor Herb Meyer

Feburary: 8th. Monthly Meeting

March: 14th. Monthly meeting

April: 11th. Monthly Meeting 6:30pm.
           8th. Korean War Commemorative Shoot 10am. Herb Meyer 2571256
            22nd. Clean Up Day.... info call Art Greenbaum 257-1248
            23rd. 100yrd.CMP Military Rifle Shoot  10am.Herb Meyer 257 1256

May: 9th. Monthly Meeting 6:30pm.
           7,14,21,28, Black Powder Shoots 10 am. Ed Heathwaite 258-4607
         20th. KIDS DAY info call Don Rosinski 257-5442
          14th. CMP Sporter Rifle Shoot 1pm. Ed Heathwaite 258-4607

June: 13th. Monthly Meeting 6:30m.
           17th. Connecticut River Team Bass Tournament                                                                 
          25th. Korean War Match Herb Meyer 2571256

          1st. Pistol Shoot 9am. Ed Heathwaite 258-4607
         16th. Three Gun Match 10am. Herb Meyer 257-1256
         30th. Carbine Shoot 10am. Herb Meyer 257-1256
              12th. CMP Military Rifle Shoot 9am. Herb Meyer 257-1256
              20th. Pistol Match 10 am. Herb Meyer 257 1256
              26th. Carley Shoot 9am. info call Art Greenbaum 257-1248

September: 12th. Monthly Meetings Resume 6:30pm.LMP Review
                       3,10,17,24, 10am. Black Powder Shoots Ed Heathwaite 258-4607
                     17 Open House Jane Wheeler 254 6711
                      9th, Connecticut River Team Bass Tournament info call Don Rosinski 257-5442
October: 10th. Monthly Meeting6:30pm.
                   1st. Korean War Match 11am. Herb Meyer 257 1256
                   14,15,21,22,28,29Sight In Days 9-3(open to the Public info call Ed Heathwaite 258-4607
November: 8th. Monthly Meeting 6:30pm.
                     4th. 5th. Sight In Days(open to the public) info call Ed Heathwaite 258-4607
December: 12th Stew Night with Our Legislators 6pm.

For more information on the assorted firearms shoots we have Pistol or Rifle call Herb Meyer at 257-1256
or Ed Heathwaite at 258-4607
Archery information call Karon Given at 254-6097 or 251-5343


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