Feb.13, Meeting Agenda
1. Secretary report,  Don Spencer
2. Treasures report, (and old business, Kathy Cook) (Art, by phone)
3. Membership report, Karon
4. Winter League, Wayne
5. Range Report, Herb
New Business,
1. The 2018 event schedule is complete.
2. Don Spencer has agreed to take over the Treasures job, so we are going to need a volunteer and nominations to take over as secretary.
3. Need someone to take charge of getting the fire extinguishers serviced, and put back in place. 2 in clubhouse and one at the range.
4. Some padlocks have been changed so that the same key will fit all the padlocks, except for the trap house.
5. Jay is working on the securing cameras.
Any more new business?
Old Business
Security Concern !!

This needs the attention of all Members Please 

The gate was closed but the lock was not locked. Maybe it was frozen

or just didn’t catch. Please upon leaving check and double check that the lock did in fact lock
if a problem is found please notify one of the directors asap 
Thank you

Monthly Meeting 

January 9, 2018 Start @ 6:30PM (1830hrs)


  1. Talk about Stew night, No Secretary report for Dec. 
  2. Treasures report, Art G. (maybe by phone from NC)
  3. Membership report, Karon
  4. Winter League report, Wayne
  5. Range Report, Herb
  6. Progress on sound issues.
  7. Web Site and Facebook, Jay
  8. Discuss plowing situation.
  9. Old and new business
  10. Set schedule for events for year.
  11. Adjourn at 8:00PM (2000 hrs)

Hope to see there

Thank you,

Amy Avery

 Happy Holidays to Sportsmen Inc. members and friends


 Well, “Stew Night” had a few hiccups with the weather and all but we did manage to get it off the ground Thursday night.

 Unfortunately, because of the last minute changes, we lost 3 of our scheduled legislators, and do to a auto breakdown, Jeanette White did not make it.

 We had about 16 people in attendance, and we heard a from Tristan Toleno and Mollie Burke.

 Food as usual was great and thanks to all those that brought food and to those that

 prepared food and sent it along even thought they couldn’t make it, A big Thank You.

 A special thanks to Mark Sherman for plowing us out at the last minute and to

 Brian Filgate for all the work he did to make sure that the walks were cleaned and sanded and the heat was on.

 The next meeting is on Jan. 9th 2018. Hope to see a large turnout.

 Be sure to being your hunting stories.


 Hoping you all have a wonderful holiday!

 Joe Spano



Mandatory Club Membership Orientation
Call Ed Heathwaite @ 802-258-4607 or Herb Meyer @ 802-257-1256      

Fall Raffle Winners

Herb Meyer & Armand Cliche

Congrats Gentlemen!
All new members must attend a Club Orientation in order to receive their gate key and use of the ranges at the club. THIS IS A ONE TIME OREINTATION. Upon completion you will receive your key and your membership card will be validated. The following year, and all thereafter will only require your validated membership card for renewal. To make an appointment for your orientation call one of the following: Ed Heathwaite @ 802-258-4607,

New Lead Management Plan
We have our new plan which must be followed. Please be sure you fill in the book with the number of rounds you used that day. No name just the number of rounds. This is a requirement of the LMP and we hope everyone cooperates with this effort. We thank you in advance for your cooperation.
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Sportsmen Inc of Guilford Vermont is a non-profit organization dedicated to wildlife conservation through educational programs and activities.

Since 1940 Sportsmen, Inc. has promoted responsible fishing, hunting, trapping, archery, and the shooting sports.

We are affiliated with the National Rifle Association, The Vermont Federation of Sportsmens Club and The Civilian Marksmanship Program. Sportsmen, Inc. is one of the largest sporting groups in Southern Vermont.

Bass Tournament Dates set

The dates for this years tournaments are June 17th. and September 9th. These dates have approval from NH Fish and Game. We look forward to a good turn out. 


 New Facility Improvements 

facility improvements




The Civilian Marksmanship Program

The National Rifle Association